Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I think I got a little burned out on Zencast, my Zen Buddhist podcast, for a while. That, plus the latest installments are a woman who is teaching basic Buddhism, in about four parts, and I just don't dig her as much as I do Gil. Gil is the one who got me all fired up about Buddhism, and in some sort of spiritual transference, I kind of fell in love with him. It's a long-distance affair, and rather onesided, since he gets to talk to me, but I never talk back. Plus, he's never actually met me and is not specifically aware of my existence, in the physical sense. But then -- do I really exist, as I think I do? The deeper aspects of Buddhism seem to cast serious doubt on the whole concept of "self."

Buddhism gets so complicated when someone tries to explain it all!

I plan to attend the Floresville Buddhism meeting tomorrow evening, God willing. Is that an ironic statement, since Buddhists don't really embrace a deity? Anyhow, I feel like this is a wonderful way to start a new year, with a new adventure.

I mentioned my plans to my hubby, and he didn't give me any weird looks or crinkle his nose or anything. Which is just short of miraculous, since we're Christians and very involved in our church. I do hesitate to broadcast my interest in Buddhism to people at church. I'm not sure what kind of response I would get. Of course, it would be different depending on each person, but I know there are fears and misinformation out there. What was it Austin asked me? Whether I would be worshipping rocks! No, son, but I'll be performing a ritual dance naked, around a bonfire that our group will build near the peanut in downtown Floresville, and I've heard there might be live sacrifices. *Just kidding!*

Health is such a blessing. I say this after being hit by energy-sapping allergies this past week I feel nearly normal right now, and it's such a wonderful feeling.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. You are an eloquent writer.

  2. OK - nobody mentioned naked dancing before. I'm in.


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