Sunday, June 6, 2010

When we all get to heaven

I have so many things I'd like to accomplish! For one, I would love to learn every human language. I think human languages are encapsulations of the great variety of human thought and culture. It is fascinating to see how we are all so alike, but yet uniquely different.

I would like to read all the books that have been written. Well, not all of them! All the good ones, let's say.

I would like to sit and watch the waves move the sands of time, and see the winds ebb and flow, and the seasons swirl around. Where do the winds come from? And where do they go?

I want to learn to love all of creation with a love that is deep and genuine, and filled with understanding.

I would love to be an accomplished ... athlete, parent, writer, artist, lover, spiritual leader. Yes, maybe even an accomplished cook! Gardener. Healer.

I would like to genuinely help another person, and by extension, to help all of creation.

Yet life is too fleeting for most of these pursuits. So I long for more. I wish for an end of time, so that there may be space for all worthy desires.

Added later: I forgot an important addition to this list. I would like to have time to read everyone else's blog and leave encouraging comments on them. I wonder how many blogs are out there these days?

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  1. I'm not going to make any comments about heaven. The thought of eternity scares me...what if I were to be the ONLY person in Heaven who was bored? Anyway - I dreamed last night that you were in a movie and you were an actual Movie Star and I was all proud of you because you were the same you and I was trying to express it but couldn't. Anyway - I think I am just generally impressed by you right now :).


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