Monday, August 6, 2012

Another excerpt -- on dying

"Compassion and forgiveness can help dying people to be more loving towards themselves. The functional mechanisms are not always clear, but those who care for the dying cannot escape the suspicion that, at least in some cases, there seems to be some sort of connection between one's judgment style and one's suffering. Offering acceptance and understanding can be a powerful elixir, for both the dying and nondying alike. Being forgiven (and forgiving) does tend to ease suffering.

"Being 'nonjudgmental' is something of a misnomer in that we all must make judgments in order to survive. The real question is how we judge; i.e. with love, understanding, empathy and compassion ... or with harshness and condemnation. Whatever the case may be, we learn to judge during the course of our lives, then have to live with that learned behavior while we are dying."

Excerpt from:

Crossing the Creek by Michael Holmes.

I am happy to endorse his information and philosophy about death (the dying process) and its implications for life, and how each informs the other.

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