Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seeing Dad again, in a dream

I saw Dad last night, in a dream. A different dad than I knew in life. What I remember is a fragment, but I'll tell it to you.

There were two homemade videos he had made, that I discovered (this is the dream narrative). Each one was of him, around my age (I would say "young" but middle-aged is more technically accurate). He was with a different woman in each video, courting and flirting with her in a beautiful outdoor setting (one setting was a natural pool of water). This happened in a dimension where Mom was not around or in the picture, so to speak.

Dad was thin and good looking, and had a lot more hair than he would have in real life. I was able to get into one of the videos and meet him there. I went up to him and grasped both his hands, then he was leading me up some stairs, again outside. The first thing I told him was that Cynthia and I missed him so much, and I was crying as I said it. But the next minute, I was laughing as we reminisced about some funny thing Dad had said or done. He has such a great sense of humor.

Dad was vibrantly alive in this place, this Eden, so to speak. His Garden of Eden would have to involve having a beautiful woman beside him! And it wouldn't be Mom or Han either, I am sure.

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