Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A deranged cardinal, and our deranged weather

We have a deranged cardinal that comes and spends most of the day, it seems, attacking its image in our bathroom window. I hear it in the mornings, the days that I sleep in past 7 (which is any day I don't have to get up for some reason!). Today it had its beak slightly open, ajar you could say. Not that it is a particularly hot day for South Texas in July; in fact, it was freakishly cool last night, and we had the windows open because it bottomed in the upper 60s. Never have we had the windows open overnight in July, ever before. The weather is something to behold; these mad changes coming from the Arctic circle, which seems to have lost its bearing and is spinning rather wildly out of control, shooting cool fronts down even to our place. What will happen next is anyone's guess. An article about the rapid weather changes and the Arctic's impact upon such, is here.

 The cardinal attacks the same window every day; I guess the light there makes its reflected image easier to see.

It is so obviously pointless, observing what this cardinal does. I wonder how much of our life is like the life of this cardinal, which seems so ludicrous? When we take up causes and take action to defend our points of view, are we a little like the cardinal, railing against its own image in the window?

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