Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lightening up

I just joined a blog that seemed interesting and funny, and the new post there is called "Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you're a f****** (didn't count the stars so it might actually be a whole different word) idiot!" Without the lengthy aside. That's mine, from the queen of lengthy asides herself.

So far, my joins have been fairly random, like my posts. SOS for Haiti, for instance. Not that I've done a single thing with it, but it salves my conscience a little. I want to find the blog that was a "noteable" a few weeks back from some unpublished lady across the world somewhere ("still" and "unpublished" were part of her blog ID), but I haven't located it again. Lost in a sea of blah blogs. Have you discovered the "next" blog tab yet, and tried it? Yeah, there are a lot out there, many in different languages.

For the blog labels -- I feel this sense of deja vu like I already posted this, but I haven't been blogging long enough to repeat myself yet, have I? -- they should be quite simple: interesting. funny. intelligent. sad. boring as hell. long-winded, rambling, confusing, etc. Yes, today my taste runs toward a boring-as-hell, long-winded post! Today and every day, you say?

Who should assign the labels, then? Someone who could be honest, which seems to rule out the blogger! But honest from whose point of view, you ask?

I ran across some blogpost central where fellow bloggers communicate, and it was rather amusing. Some bloke asked where he could find interesting and funny blogs. Guess what all the answers were? Try my blog; why don't you have a go at my blog; no, MY blog; repeated about 85 times. Well, statistically speaking, I just don't think they can ALL be that funny and interesting! But bloggers seem to have a healthy -- if not strictly reality-based -- sense of self-esteem, for whatever that is worth.

Me, I find the voice of the Parent, as Freud would perhaps call it, telling me I've been too negative in my postings here. Well, give me a break! My dog just died. But before that, the nagging voice continues. And then comes a feeling of self-doubt.

Yet here I am, wading past it to ramble on. Something important is happening here, though I couldn't tell you what! It does not matter, at this point, if a single other soul on the planet is reading this. Because it's helpful to me; and one is the critical mass, the magic number, that makes any endeavor worthwhile. The most important one to any human being is, by definition, "me." If "me" (self) is not satisfied, then the rest of the world matters not. That is a lesson to learn from the disastrous end of some celebrities' lives; of course, I'm thinking of Michael Jackson right now.

The importance of a single person, by the way, was one of the philosophical points made by my all-time favorite TV series, Star Trek: the Next Generation. Except it would be more apt to call it "life form."


Let me find the random pic of the day for this posting.

Found some life forms from Halloween a few years ago, and here they are.

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