Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The blogging life's for me

So, I was thinking maybe I should create a separate blog for running, health and fitness posts than this one. However, it's hard enough to keep this one current and fresh. Plus it feels a bit like splitting myself into two.

I was just scrolling through the "next" button to visit random blogs, and I thought, wouldn't it be fun to write a bit of a Scottish or Irish blog, now? You can nearly hear the accent on some of them. There are many cool blogs out there!

Someone asked me today why I was an English and Economics major before becoming a CPA. I laughed and said, because I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up! The funny thing is, in a way, I still don't. But I am enjoying the ride. Very much.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could use that English degree and publish something that made money? However, I don't feel a bestseller springing out of my head (which it would have to do, at this point). I know writing is a profession like any other, but I cannot imagine sitting down every day and writing a work of fiction that would be good. Maybe that's my problem. I haven't been able to visualize this result, so it will not happen.

My life is very full and this urge to write (fiction) would really have to be pulling hard on me to get my attention, the way that I have the strong -- overwhelming -- urge to run and work out. Now, is that urge the result of years of daily practice? If so, I need to incorporate daily writing practice.

All my life, I've written this kind of stuff, whatever you'd call my blog entries. I used to put it all in diaries. In fact, I was thinking the other evening -- where are all those diaries? I really should throw them out. They don't have any lasting value, aren't works of art, and have too much personal stuff that my family shouldn't have to deal with, ever.

I think my journaling has become more mature and outward-focused as I have grown up. The concept of potentially having a universal audience for this blog, helps me stay focused. Hard to believe, I know!

I certainly don't think we all have the capability of writing gorgeous fiction, or bestselling fiction (which is not the same thing). I don't know if I ever could. Maybe I don't even have a strong desire, and that kills it right there.

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