Friday, May 6, 2011


First, for some pictures of the boys "in character" from a play they were recently in at church: "Big Bad." Andrew is wearing his trademark sneer as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and you can guess who Austin is. Grandpa and Grandma Han are blissfully unaware that they are about to be savagely attacked! 

 Here is Andrew in character as "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" with the Old Shepherd, being interviewed prior to the courtroom drama (the Big Bad Wolf is put on trial for the many atrocities he has committed).

 Here's Austin as the shadowy wolf, during his monologue, where he explains the long and complicated journey to his present life of crime. Did you know that at one time, he had sworn to be a lifelong vegan? In the background can be seen the plaintiffs in the case, including the three little pigs. (There's just a touch of Little Red Riding Hood's cape, directly behind the Wolf, sitting beside her grandma.)

Back to the title of this blog: Austin just read this book, the George Orwell classic, and said it messed with his mind! He was especially impressed by the way they tortured the main character into completely reversing his thoughts and his entire values system, 180 degrees, and him unaware of it.

It really scared my son, I think. But I said that I believe the human spirit is stronger than that. This book was a work of fiction. We musn't let reality imitate it too closely.

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